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Questionnaire to do an estimate ?Spray Dryers - Spray Process plants
Fill in all the * gaps

Company information

State: *Country:
Zip Code:
*Person in Charge:

Product Specifications and Spray Dryer Capacity

*Product to be dried:
Spray Dryer capacity:
*Feeding: litres / hour
*Solid content: % dry material
*Powder: Kilograms / hour
*Evaporation: litres / hour
*Powder product final humidity: %
*Work capacity: hours / day  days /month

Temperature ºC - Spray Dryer work

Drying air entrance temperature: º C
Drying air exit temperature: º C
Liquid feeding: º C
Powder temperature: º C
Product sensitive to temperature? YES   NO
Liquid feeding sensitive to temperature? º C maximum
Powder sensitive to temperature? º C maximum

Spray Dryer further details

Type of fuel to use: GN   GLP  BPF   STEAM  Others:
Type of oven: DIRECT   INDIRECT
Is the dry product inflammable? YES   NO
Type of dust: KST100   KST200  KST300
Need for particular gases washer? YES   NO

Spray Dryer plant Driving Force

Voltage to use: 220V   220 triphase  380V   440V  Others:
Number of cycles: Hz
Altitude above Sea level: Meters
Average Room temperature: ºC Maximum ºC Minimum

Spray Dryer Construction Material

*Chamber: Inox Steel AISI 304  Inox Steel AISI 316 
*Feeding System: Inox Steel AISI 304  Inox Steel AISI 316 

Drying Experience

*Does your company already have any Spray Dryers equipments? YES   NO
*Does it have any experience in drying the product requested? YES   NO

Additional comments

Estrada do Itaqui, 711 – Jardim Nova Itapevi - ITAPEVI – SP

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Juan Kaulinis
Diretor Geral
Cel.: (11) 7346-0870
E-mail: juan@sprayprocess.com.br

Pablo Kaulinis
Diretor Industrial
Cel.: (11) 7109-5020
E-mail: pablo@sprayprocess.com.br

Giselda Selis
Depto Administrativo
E-mail: giselda@sprayprocess.com.br

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