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The product to be dried comes from the feeding tank, then it goes through the filter and is transported by a bomb, after that it goes through the feeding group reaching the atomizer disk distributor.

The drying air is heated up by the burner in the direct oven, through the conduit it is distributed by the disperser and gets in touch with the product cloud produced by the atomizer disk. The drying happens inside the chamber, coming out into the interconnect conduits and getting to the powder recovery hurricane.

All of gases are aspirated by the fan and thrown in the atmosphere through the chimney.

The powder eventually deposited in the chamber walls is loosened by the vibrators.

Through the rotary valve the product is collected, and it can be wrapped or stocked according to its final destination.

The gases and small colloidal particles dragged by these gases go through a venturi that compresses them. It moisturizes them so that they are incorporated into the water that is being circulated by a centrifuge in the washer.

The equipment has a support and a cut for the correct maintenance and atomizer cleaning.

Basic Introduction to Drying Process

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